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Proposing solutions to resolve
challenges, centering on a purpose

The Hankyu Hanshin Toho Group has a wide range of contact points with consumers in the digital and real life.Based on the knowledge obtained from the contact points, we support to discover the purpose (meaning of existence / aspiration) of client companies.We then create distinctive and social sympathetic value for them and set a clear course to resolve their challenges.


Developing your company and brand purpose

What for each company exists and what is their mission?We support to clarify the social stance of a company by establishing a purpose.This will foster a sense of unity within the company and eventually create a force that involves even affiliated companies and consumers.We help companies and their brands move forward, starting with sympathy for the purpose.

  • Brand purpose development
  • Marketing research
  • Branding
  • D2C business support

communication planning

Designing how to communicate to consumers and how they receive information

What kind of person should you communicate to? When, what, and how should you communicate?The most important thing is that, to convey your message properly to the person whom you want to convey.We have insights that can be gained only by the Hankyu and Hanshin, which has built the lifestyle and culture of the Kansai region for a long time.Based on these insights, we establish communication that freely crosses the digital and real life.

  • Sales promotion
  • SNS marketing
  • Public relations strategy support
  • Event planning / management
  • Sign planning
  • Support for introducing digital signage
  • Risk consulting


Winning the hearts of consumers through the power of expression via contact points

We have a variety of media close to consumers, including Hankyu and Hanshin railway stations and trains, the Group’s facilities along its railway lines, and various digital contact points.We also have creativity, which has been cultivated by taking charge of advertising for group companies as well as in a wide range of industries.By combining these two strengths, we create moments that move the hearts of consumers.

  • Transportation advertising
  • hhms: Original media
  • Mass media
  • Advertising planning and production
  • DM shipping agency service
  • Website production
  • Photographing
  • Video production
  • Publishing planning and production

experience design

Delivering the identified value to consumers through experience

We recognize every contact point between companies and consumers as customer experience.We propagate the brand’s unique value, which is clarified by establishing a purpose, to the in-house staff, services and products, and beyond them.We create a meaningful and significant brand experience that consumers will want to join.

  • Customer experience design support
  • Space production / decoration

monetization design

Creating a framework to monetize your business

How can you monetize your business to satisfy both your company and consumers?We believe it is important to spend money to ensure a sustainable provision of good services and products.We propose worthwhile monetization designs, including creating a smooth shopping experience centered on e-commerce (EC), considering the balance of advertising costs, and proposing an optimal payment method.

  • EC business support