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We offer solutions to raise corporate and brand purposes to enlarge them further.

    • Exclusive transportation advertising agent (Hankyu Railway, Hanshin Electric Railway, Hanshin Bus, Kita-Osaka Kyuko Railway)
    • Planning and selling advertising media
    • Editing and publishing TOKK, a magazine providing information about areas along the Hankyu railway lines
    FY 2021 version of the media guide "OOH2”[JP]
    • Design and copywriting
    • Photo and video shooting, and casting for shooting
    • Printing and bookbinding
    • Planning for advertising and sales promotion
    • Formulating digital marketing strategies
    • Developing brands, brand purposes and CI strategies
    • Planning, creating and operating events and exhibitions
    • Planning, designing and making exhibit decorations and signs
    • Planning and running Internet/SNS advertisements
    • Acting as a substitute in SNS operations
    • Planning and designing websites, and developing website systems
    • Developing applications
    • Social listening
    • Website access analysis
    • Various types of marketing research
    • Planning and creating publications