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left:Yoshiaki Miyake
right:Yuichi Hashimoto

Our company was born out of the merger of advertising companies under the umbrellas of the Hankyu Hanshin Holdings Group and the H2O Retailing Group.

We aim to be one of the top next-generation marketing companies in the Kansai region by creating a synergistic effect through the combination of our media skills developed in transportation advertising, our creativity nurtured in advertising mainly for department stores, and new data accumulated through the use of digital technologies and the business activities of the two groups.

The environment surrounding the advertising industry has been significantly changing. Online advertising has achieved remarkable progress, while mass-appeal advertising using conventional media needs to be reviewed.

Amid these considerable changes, the Hankyu Hanshin Toho Group's strength is being a business entity that can provide consumers with a wide range of goods and services as a group. By making close observations of customer contact points owned by the Group, keeping pace with changes in consumers' sense of values, and valuing the understanding of the consumers gained thereby, we will develop our business broadly, from brand development of goods and services to advertising communication.

Representative Director, President & Chief Executive Officer Yoshiaki Miyake

For the business integration in April 2020, we have developed our mission: "Creating new cultures, hand in hand." It might seem arrogant to espouse "creating cultures." However, I believe that this inordinate ambition is the big driving force that is important and serves as the source of our ideas and challenges.

The forerunners of the Hankyu Hanshin Toho Group worked hard to develop Japanese cultures of everyday life. Now, we also pose a question: What kind of life can truly be called a good life? I am confident that, the accumulation of daily living proposals leads to a large culture and transform society ultimately.

Our strengths, which have been built up through our advertising business for department stores and transportation, lie in our strategies, ideas and expressions that impress sophisticated urban consumers.

Today, in line with the trend toward digitalization, globalization and maturation, accelerating changes can be seen in consumers' sense of values and consumption behavior, and how they access information. Grasping these changes from the consumers' perspective, and by taking advantage of our existing strengths, we strive to discover values that resonate with today's consumers, and create new cultures with our clients and consumers.

Representative Director,Executive vice President Yuichi Hashimoto